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Spy Explorer
Spy Explorer is a mobile java application for exploring bluetooth devices. With Spy Explorer you can discover and save on your mobile local database the mobile phones of your friends and know later (using the AlertScan function) if they are near you (in crowded places like metro,bus,disco,pub and the like).
How it works
Spy Explorer has three main functions:
  • Single scan
  • Auto scan
  • Alert scan
Single scan makes a single bluetooth discovery. The duration of this discovery depends on the mobile phone model. However it's few seconds long. Once discovered a bluetooth device you can save it and set the Alert option (on/off). You can edit/modify the name and address of the saved device later using the "Devices" function.
Auto scan makes bluetooth discovery until you stop it. Every bluetooth device will be discovered. Warning. This function may deplete your battery in few hours. So be sure to recharge your phone battery while using this function.
Alert scan same as Auto Scan, with the difference that with this function will be discovered only the devices already saved and with the Alert option activated (on).
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